Class Structure

Jiu jitsu classes are made up of several components, including a thorough warm up, body conditioning, break-falls, self-defence techniques (combining strikes, joint manipulation and throws) and cool-down. Although all sessions are varied, techniques are usually taught by demonstration to the group by the instructor followed by training with a partner while the instructor circulates giving individual attention.

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New students will find a challenging and rewarding experience learning jiu jitsu. During the first three months, students will practice:

  • Break-falling techniques
  • Basic body movements, blocks and strikes:
    • evading the attack
    • blocking the attack
    • taking control of the other person
  • Throwing, locking and ground-work techniques
  • Basic defence techniques from various body grabs - Basic defences against punches and kicks - Basic defences against weapons such as bottle attacks

New students don't need a high standard of physical fitness or flexibility, as participants gradually improve on their endurance, strength, flexibility and speed as training progresses.

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